Friday, August 20, 2010

Navy Reunion - Branson, MO - Day 9

This morning when I took Kalli out for her 7 AM walk, the weather was just stiffling. It had cooled down for a couple of days by a few degrees, but still mighty uncomfortable with the temps in the upper 90s and the humidity unbearable. Today it was to be hotter again.

I just couldn't imagine being outside in the late afternoon touring and being outside for the Shepherd of the Hills play.

So, I called Pixie & Oscar to see if they were game for cancelling our pre-paid events for the day. They were. Fortunately, the attraction was willing (after some cajoling) to refund our money. The heat/humidity was very difficult on Oscar; Dave is still suffering quite a bit with his back; and Pixie and I just couldn't imagine dealing with the humidity and heat.

We had promised to take Oscar to the Bass Pro Shop at Branson Landing. We headed off and got there about noon. It was so blazing hot outside (101 degrees) we were just all thrilled we had cancelled the outdoor event. Oscar found a few things he wanted to take back to Spokane.

We found some hot sauce for LD. It has been a tradition with us to purchase some hot sauce for LD from the area in which we travel. It seems that every locale has their own special sauce to share with the world. This sauce was called "Moonshine Madness" from the Ozark Mountains. Says on the bottle that "It's so friggin' hot it will make you go mad." But, I say, "They haven't had LD for a taster." That guy can eat hot at the level of nuclear braindamage. So, we'll see what he says.

For lunch we decided to go to Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Here's a partial shot of the place with Dave enjoying himself--doesn't he look just ecstatic??

The decor was mostly a 50s vibe. They had TV screens going that played excerpts from various shows with various vocal artists and groups. The food was mostly burgers and shakes. We did try something new. Fried pickles. Of course, it was me who wanted to try them. But, the others (except Dave--ye ol' stick in the mud) tried the delicacy. Honestly, they weren't half bad. They are dill slices that are battered and deep fried, served with a mildly spicy dipping sauce. I ate many more than I thought I would. Oscar had quite a few. Pixie had a couple. Not sure I'd order them again, but glad I tried them and can now say I've had fried pickles. Still looking for a joint that serves fried Mars Bars or Snickers Bars. :-)

We dropped P&O off at their building and we headed back to our room. Walked the dog and settled in for the evening. At about 7 PM we started getting hungry, so ordered food to be delivered. I have had all the sandwiches I care to have for a while, so I chose to have spaghetti delivered. Dave opted for another sandwich. We watched a bit of TV and then called it a night after Kalli's 9 PM walk.

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