Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Navy Reunion - Branson, MO - Day 13

Starting mileage: 38372
Ending mileage: 38585
Miles driven: 213
Gas price: $2.49

Again this morning I could not face waffles. So, we packed up and headed out to get gas and a bite to eat on our way.

We opted for Krystal's for a drive-thru breakfast. It was pretty good. I got an egg, cheese & bacon sandwich on toast. Dave had his usual: sausage, egg & cheese biscuit.

We had debated about taking I-75 through Atlanta to get home. But, neither of us wanted to deal with the freeway. So, we stuck to our original plan and came home through the north Georgia mountains. A much calmer and prettier drive.

As I promised earlier in the blog, we did stop at the 1996 Olympic site for the kayak competition and take a few pictures. Because today was not a weekend day, the traffic was almost nil.

Today's drive took us from Tennessee to South Carolina to Georgia.

We stopped along Lake Ocoee to stretch our legs. Dave's enjoying the view. He said there were some scuba divers below him that he was watching.

This picture is a take-out spot for the rafters. As you can see, the area is ramp-like cement. On the near side of this picture (which you can't see) there is a series of steps.

Here's a shot of the Lake Ocoee Dam.

The following two pictures are of the Tennessee Valley Authority building. I think they create electricity, not sure. I do remember hearing about the TVA in school. I think the TVA was created during the end of WWII and was one of the core projects that helped to get the USA more financially sound as the war ended.

Here's a not-so-great picture showing the sign for the Olympics and the facilities that are available at this site.

Here's the row of flags that flew during the Olympics.

In this picture, you can see a cement walkway about in the middle of the picture. In the background, you can see a rocky area with water. This is some of the kayak event area. In the background is a bridge. We drove over this bridge to get to the picnic area (see later pictures).


Upstream view from the bridge

Downstream view from the bridge

Picnic pavilion area

Back in Georgia!

We stopped in Blairsville again to stretch our legs and get a bite to eat. We ended up at McDs (what else). This time, we did not get lost getting out of Blairsville.

We can hardly wait to get home. It's been quite a journey. We did have fun and we certainly enjoyed seeing the Navy guys and Pixie & Oscar. We truly missed having the RV and it made the trip much more difficult for us (and more expensive). In addition, I think if we had both been feeling a bit better and had it not been so hot, we wouldn't have minded all the totin' and dog walkin' as much as we did. Dave has been suffering quite a bit with his back, I got a bladder infection requiring drugs the day we got to Branson, I also developed severe jaw pain the third day after we arrived in Branson. I'm not sure if this is from the tooth that I had pulled prior to leaving for Branson or if I've developed TMJ. But, in the mornings, I cannot move my jaw--Dave isn't complaining as I can't talk for a while after waking.

It will be good to be home and let Kalli run. She needs the exercise as she only got one good run--the night she escaped.

We arrived home about 4:30 PM. The house was as we left it, except for the two-foot weeds that require more work from Dave--mowing. Kalli ran around and around in the back yard. She was so happy to be off the leash and free! Graykitty wandered around as if she couldn't believe she was home again.

Thanks to all you followers for your patience as I tried to catch up with the blog entries. We do not plan to travel again this year. We do hope we can save some funds to make our planned trip up the east coast in 2011. We want to go as far as Nova Scotia to do family research and family visiting along the way. Just in case we can make it, the way I plan, I'd better get my maps and travel guides ordered! And, we certainly hope we'll be able to join the Sailors for another reunion in Philadelphia in 2012. Adios and God bless each and every one of you!

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